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 МАКЕДОНСКО СОНЦЕ Читајте за Македонската сегашност, минато и иднина.
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    Rosi Office Systems 
8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 200
Houston, TX  77046
United States of America

Telephone: (832) 293-4365
Toll Free:

Furniture Dealers
Business Profile: In 1993, ROSI began out of Houston’s large demand for affordable office cubicles as companies were emerging from the nearly decade-long oil recession. There was a large inventory of used cubicles, but companies wanted and needed better than used. So, John Ofield put together a workshop with a highly skilled team that got to work redesigning and reimagining used Haworth cubicles. Today, ROSI (Recycled Office Systems, Inc.) continues to offer an affordable line of high-quality remanufactured office cubicles called REcube—built right here in Houston, Texas.

The Haworth Unigroup cubicle frame was chosen for remanufacturing due to the well-designed steel frames and durable craftsmanship that went into the original product. These indestructible cubicle frames withstand many years of use and reuse. In fact, the remanufactured product looks as polished and professional as new but costs an average of 40% less, so John and the team have been quite busy for nearly 25 years!

As customer demand grew, evolved and expanded, John realized his customers needed more than remanufactured cubicles. They also needed office chairs, reception furniture, filing cabinets, and EVERYTHING OFFICE.

So ROSI added more including:
New office furniture
Office furniture and cubicle rentals
Data cabling
Storage, moving, and liquidation services
Project management
2D and 3D complimentary space plans
Unlike most office furniture companies that are strictly distributors for office furniture manufacturers, ROSI Office Systems is a hybrid. We manufacture our own line of remanufactured and new workstations and benching systems, while also representing other manufacturers that produce office furniture products for office environments. With this broad range of products plus ROSI’s space planning and design expertise, we provide the perfect balance that creates high performance workspaces. In-house manufacturing also enables ROSI to customize interior environments with limitless fabric or finish combinations.

Products & Serverices: Cubicles, Office Furniture, Used Office Furniture, Benching

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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